Webinar: Self-checkout in Retailing: Understanding the Risk and Managing the Problem

As retailers continue to invest in developing ever more ‘frictionless’ shopping environments, the use of a range of self-checkout technologies is becoming ever more conspicuous across a broader range of retail formats. While undoubtedly offering both retailers and consumers a range of potential benefits, these technologies have also been found to negatively impact upon retail losses. This Webinar brings together the latest research on not only the scale and extent of the problem of self-scan-related losses but also the emerging strategies and approaches that may help retailers to begin to manage them more effectively. Focusing particularly upon the role video technologies might play in controlling self-scan losses, this Webinar will provide detailed and thought-provoking insights into an increasingly important part of the rapidly developing retail landscape.

Click here to watch a recording of our webinar.

To view, the presentation slides click here.

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