It’s About More Than Carts

My name is Rick Whidden, and for 16 years I have lived loss prevention and anti-theft
strategies at the nation’s largest retailers. I’ve migrated to Gatekeeper Systems’ intelligent cart solutions exclusively due to their exceptional product performance that maintains the positive visual retail aesthetics and customer journey perceptions that my company has worked so hard to earn. Gatekeeper Systems’ loss prevention tools work hard, yet go completely unnoticed in our retail stores, which is critical to protecting our paying customers’ shopping experience and avoiding negative or confrontational interactions.

Gatekeeper products are durable, integrate with 3rd party carts, and easily scale to meet my changing business demands. Hands down, Gatekeeper is the total picture. It’s not just the technology and on-demand analytics, it’s the team behind the product that never compromises customer service and continuously pivots to meet my challenges and requirements.

Gatekeeper has always stood behind me. For them, it is about more than just protecting carts or pushout theft. Their entire team is committed to being responsive and supportive. The relationship I have with the entire Gatekeeper team is the number one reason why I have never looked elsewhere.


Rick Whidden
Director of Asset Protection



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