Gatekeeper Systems Strengthens 2017 Fall Conference Lineup

Gatekeeper Systems is proud to announce additional support for key strategic conferences focused on energizing the healthy growth of retail segments. In addition to sponsoring the Loss Prevention Research Council’s IMPACT conference, Gatekeeper Systems is pleased to announce sponsorship and participation in the California Grocers Association (CGA) Strategic Conference, as well as participation in the California Organized Retail Crime Association (CAL-ORCA) Annual Training Conference.

The CGA Strategic Conference, September 24 – 26 in Palm Springs, CA, brings together a wide spectrum of top retail grocery and supplier decision-makers. It identifies the emerging industry trends, provides forums for collaboration, shares new strategies, inspires greater culture building within organizations, and enables the CGA signature one-on-one retailer/supplier meetings.

The California Organized Retail Crimes Association (CAL-ORCA), September 27 in Pasadena, CA, is dedicated to fostering partnerships between law enforcement and loss prevention professionals to aid in the sharing of cross-jurisdictional information to help identify, disrupt, and apprehend organized retail crime suspects in the State of California. The topics of this year’s ORC conference include cyber investigations, e-Commerce, partnership building, and tools for loss prevention.

“We feel that participating, and in some cases sponsoring, these conferences puts us at a nexus of asset protection strategies and collaboration with the right partners to put these strategies into action,” said Robert Harling, SVP of Business Development for Gatekeeper Systems. “When it comes to mitigating the myriad of threats facing today’s retail environment, nothing is stronger than the sharing of wisdom, experience, and innovation.”

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