Paul Kammerer, Director of Technical Services

You could say that Paul Kammerer owes his tenured career to the war in Iraq. In the early 2000s, Paul’s cousin, in readying for deployment, wanted to make sure that Gatekeeper Systems and its clients were left in good hands. “I had years working in construction,” says Paul, “My cousin kept talking about what a great company Gatekeeper Systems was and that I should apply for his position installing push-out prevention systems.” Paul got the job, then moved up to supervisor, and manager.


Fourteen years later in 2017, Gatekeeper Systems, Inc. acquired Carttronics to form the largest retail theft deterrent technology and services company in the world, and Paul became the Director of Technical Services to oversee the installation, service, and maintenance of the combined companies’ push-out theft prevention systems.


“The big win with the merger is the opportunity to bring Gatekeeper’s Purchek and Carttronics’ POPS systems into one fully-networked, push-out theft prevention product line,” says Paul. “We are also working on advancements that will decrease installation footprint and impacts to retail.”


Paul sees a future with refined and robust technologies that require less time and labor to install, while at the same time offer increased aesthetics. “Our technology and design improvements offer full-store protection in modern retail environments that include multiple entry and exit points and cart storage locations, as well as remote point of sales.”


Paul also points out that increased system connectivity and networking also means recruiting a higher-level of technical skills such as hiring people with networking and IT backgrounds in addition to the construction trades. “Providing value is important to me,” says Paul. “How can I add value that adjusts for all the different variables needed to make up a well-trained team and a solid system design that flexes to customer needs?”


Paul maybe most proud of a trophy that stands in his office. “I’ve spent a lot of time on the road putting a lot of systems in,” says Paul. “It is always a reward to stand back and see a project come together. It is also nice to work for a company recognizes that hard work too.”

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