Lori Galvin, Account Relationship Manager

Lori Galvin believed she was born to fly. While still in high school, she earned her private pilot’s license and regularly took to the skies. “I always thought I’d be a commercial airline pilot, but two years into aeronautical school, I lost interest,” Lori says. “My heart wasn’t in it anymore.”


Then on the small Caribbean island of Nevis, she found her true calling. “I was working for an airline with a big customer service problem.” Lori ultimately developed the airline’s customer service platform and never looked back, especially since arriving at Gatekeeper Systems, Inc.’s Customer Experience department two and a half years ago.


“When a company cares about it employees, treats them well, and is always trying to do what is right for the customer? You can’t go wrong with that foundation,’ says Lori. “I’m definitely a Gatekeeper lifer.”


Customer experience is a natural fit for Lori’s kind and outgoing personality. “My colleges joke about how quiet the office is when I’m not there,” she says. Those who know her find it hard to imagine her strapped inside a cockpit with a locked steel door between her and her customers.


In the spring of 2017, Gatekeeper Systems, Inc. acquired Carttronics to offer a comprehensive suite of intelligent cart solutions and loss prevention services to retailers around the globe. With Carttronics’ well-earned reputation for customer service excellence, Lori saw an opportunity to leverage their best practices and elevate Gatekeeper Systems’ total customer experience.


Shortly after the acquisition, Lori and her entire Customer Experience Team moved into Cartrronics’ headquarters for 30 days to immerse themselves in their culture of customer service. “Carttronics had a great foundation to spring board and continue to improve,” says Lori. “We came away understanding their deep commitment to customers and how their processes worked to build trust and loyalty.”


As the companies work to combine resources, Lori is excited to provide customers with a much larger support base. Many of Carttronics’ leaders have key roles within Gatekeeper Systems. Engineering, install, customer experience and product teams are pooling resources, making Gatekeeper Systems knowledge base the first in the industry.


“Gatekeeper had solved for many of the questions that Carttronics still struggled with and vice versa,“ says Lori. With all the cards now on the table, Gatekeeper Systems Inc. has the resources to evolve the industry and customer experience.


Already Gatekeeper Systems has extended customer service hours, instituted more active account system monitoring, and is proactively contacting clients to avoid service calls. “Any time we can troubleshoot issues over the phone and avoid sending out a truck improves our clients’ ROI,” says Lori. The Customer Experience team is also developing a reporting process to help customers better understand and report up program savings.


At Gatekeeper Systems, potential customer experience employees go through a 90-day on-boarding process to ensure a cross-functional, working knowledge of Gatekeeper’s people-first corporate culture and its products and technology. Perhaps this process also sets the stage for Gatekeeper Systems’ “We Are All In This Together” mindset. Employees regularly meet up for lunch and after hour activities. “I love the people I work with,” says Lori. “Work is fun, and I respect how hard people work.” She notes that employees regularly work from home or come in on the weekends when needed. “We do this voluntarily, because we care and feel cared about.”


However, the job is also a double-edged sword. “I can’t stand it when I get bad customer service,’ says Lori. “When you know how to get customer service right, it is hard being on the other side when business gets it wrong.”

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